Yu Yu Hakusho Renbo


Episode List. Since you want to know what's the name of the next episode, here's the list.

    Eng. version episodes:

1. Surprised To Be Dead
2. Koenma Appears
3. Kuwabara: A Promise Between Men
4. Requirement For Lovers
5. Yusuke's Back
6. Three Monsters   (1st Mission)
7. Gouki and Kurama
8. The Three Eyes of Hiei
9. The Search Begins   (2nd Mission)
10. Kuwabara's Spirit Sword
11. Hard Fights for Yusuke
12. Rando Rises. Kuwabara Falls
13. Yusuke vs. Rando: 99 Attacks
14. The Beasts of Maze Castle   (3rd Mission)
15. Genbu, The Stone Beast
16. Byakko, The White Tiger
17. Byakko's Lair
18. Seiryu, The Blue Dragon
19. Suzaku, The Leader of Beasts
20. Seven Ways To Die
21. Yusuke's Sacrifice

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