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Author. The Yu Yu Hakusho's creator. Learn about him a little bit.

No Image Available   Name: Yoshihiro Togashi
  Age: 36
  Birth date: April 26, 1966
  Birth place: Yamagata, Japan


    Yoshihiro Togashi, the man who created the anime / manga Yu Yu Hakusho. The Tonda birthday present was the first manga he created and was published in 1986. It was a good start and soon after that, he made the Yu Yu Hakusho manga and was published in early 1991 every week in the magazine 'Syoukan Shonen Jump' by Shueisha. The Syoukan Shonen Jump sold 6 million copies every week. Yu Yu Hakusho manga was his big success and soon after the manga was released, it was made for TV animation produced by Toho studios and aired by Fuji Television in Japan starting from the year 1992 to 1995. Also, Yu Yu Hakusho was made in videogames. Most of the videogame's genre were fighting.

    His wife is Naoko Takeushi, the creator of the anime / manga Sailormoon. They were married in the year 1999. They publish a fanzine and they said that it was meant for their love on each other. Fanzines are a collector's stuffs and there are only 200 series of them. They sold it in a convencion in Japan.

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