Yu Yu Hakusho Renbo


Reasons. My reasons why I built this site. I have many of them but here's a few.

Well after watching the anime back in 1999 (not exactly maybe 1998 or so), some parts of the episodes keeps rolling on my mind until now. The woman that intrigued me most is Keiko Yukimura (known as Jenny in philippines). She looks just like the last person I cared about the most and that made me decided to put up the site.

Just like other YYH webmasters, I am a big fan of this anime and I want to watch it over and over again. But that part didn't work out but anyway, I still love it.

Years passed by and I learned how to create a site, here's the result now. I'm a lazy person, so I guess that made the site down. But you came to the rescue and visited XD. Well, enough about my bragging, Thanks for visiting.

P.S. 'Renbo' in the site's title means love; attachment; tender emotions; falling in love. Whatever you like the most. Picking a site's name is hard you know o.0

(this site is dedicated to my friends, classmates and for you fans)

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